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I offer various levels of editing for fiction works. Clients include traditionally published authors as well as indie authors. I limit my work to novels and novellas that would be appropriate for the CBA market. If you have a book ready to be published, if your manuscript needs polishing before being sent to an agent or publisher, or if you have a selection to be edited for a contest, I can assist. I have worked closely with award-winning editors from major Christian publishers and am a member of The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network. I have served as the editor for my church newsletter for the past eight years and have prepared manuscripts for indie publishing. My goal is to help you reach your goals. Together, we can get you going in the right direction to publication.

Fiction Editing Services Offered

  1. Critiquing: A general overview of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. Big picture problems will be identified and broad suggestions at improvements will be made, but nothing detailed will be offered.
  1. Substantive Editing: The following areas will be examined:
  • development of each of the main characters
  • flow, pacing and logic of the plot and identification of any plot holes
  • setting, including appropriateness of the setting and setting description
  • point of view
  • conflict, including physical, emotional and spiritual conflict

Specific problems will not be fixed, but detailed suggestions will be made.

  1. Line Editing: Three types of line editing are offered:
  • light editing: check for understandability as well as for inconsistencies
  • moderate editing: includes the above as well as checking for redundancies, sentence clarity, word choice, and maintenance of voice
  • in-depth editing: all of the above plus checking for consistency of mood and style, analysis of POV for each scene, and a style sheet
  1. Book Doctoring (Developmental Book Editing): In this situation, all of the above services are offered from the beginning of a project through several drafts. Some minor rewriting and basic research may be included as well.
  1. Proofreading: This is best done after the other levels of editing have been completed. It’s the final polish before submitting a manuscript. This would include looking for typographical errors, misspelled words, incorrect word usage, spacing, and so on.

Please contact me for a detailed proposal and a rate quote.




  1. Dear Liz,

    I am a journalist and fiction writer based in Princeton, NJ. I have written several novels and short stories that could benefit from editing. Would you be interested in working with me? We could start with a short story, and if we’re both happy with the outcome, we could work on longer pieces.


  2. Interested in editing a 60,000 word manuscript – proofreading. What would be an estimated cost? You can find three of my books on Amazon.

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