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Meet Patricie Kadlec

I’m so excited that The Melody of the Soul has now released and that you can get to know these characters on the pages of the book. But we still have two main characters to get to know a little better. We first meet resistance worker Patricie Kadlec as she is stepping off the train in Prague after visiting the countryside to procure food for the Jews she’s helping to hide. Nazi officer Stefan Jaeger notices her, and her life is never the same.

Patricie grew up as the daughter of a shopkeeper in Czechoslovakia’s capital city. She had a promising career playing the oboe for the symphony in Prague, but that career never took off because of the German occupation. Still, she loves music and it’s a huge part of her life. As you read the book, you will discover that she has a connection to Anna, the heroine.

Georg, the man she had loved since they were children, became involved in the resistance movement after the occupation. She went to him one day and asked that he put her to work. Although hesitant at first, Georg granted her request after she assured him she knew this work could cost her her life.

Stefan’s interest in her complicates matters. How can she continue working with Jews while she dates and enthusiastic Nazi officer? Because Stefan is a friend of Horst, she meets him. When she discovers his secret, where will her loyalty lie?

When Patricie first appears in the book, she is carrying a tote bag filled with food for the Jews in hiding. This week’s giveaway is a musical note tote bag. Follow the instructions below to enter the giveaway. Also, don’t forget to stop over at Litfuse and read the reviews for The Melody of the Soul and enter the giveaway there as well.

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  1. I played the violin as a child. I was even 1st chair in a city wide orchestra of 6th graders. But when I went to Jr. High it was too much to keep up with.
    I just started this book and it is soooo intriguing! Thanks for the character introduction.

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  6. I have always wanted to play the piano but never found the time or had the money to do so.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win the musical note tote bag.

  7. My voice is my instrument!

  8. I played the flute and xylophone in school but don’t play anything anymore

  9. I played the violin when i was little.

  10. Piano was the only long-lasting instrument. I dabbled in violin, trumpet, and French horn.

  11. No but my nephew plays the trumpet and guitar. I think he is able to play a lot of instruments by sound

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  16. I took piano lessons as a child, and still enjoy playing.

  17. I play the piano. Loved this book.

  18. piano, French horn, cornet, harmonica, glockenspiel… THANKS for a nice giveaway!

  19. I have tried the piano but I’m not good. Maybe in heaven I will.


  20. I started learning the piano when I was in 2nd grade. In middle School I played the Recorder and Alto Recorder, and in band I played the clarinet.

  21. I learned the organ when I was younger but never became proficient at it. Instead I made sure my girls all took lessons – oldest piano, middle violin, youngest piano and flute.

  22. I play the piano and flute. Loved this book by the way!

  23. I play the piano. I enjoy it, but I’m not particularly talented at it! 😀

  24. Yes, I played the glockenspiel.

  25. I use to play a trumpet, thank you

  26. I think I may have played a recorder in school. Beautiful tote bag. I love music and books