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The Story behind The Road to Mercy by Kathy Harris

The lovely Kathy Harris is our guest this week, sharing with us her inspiration for The Road to Mercy. First, as always, is a sneak peek at the book.

Tragedy, love and secrets meet on a journey of faith.

Contemporary Christian singer Josh Harrison and his wife, Bethany, face a difficult decision that also tests their faith. A rupture in Beth’s carotid artery leaves her on the brink of death even as she’s pregnant with their first child. When Dr. Ben Abrams urges her to terminate the pregnancy to save her own life, she and Josh step out on faith and decide to carry the baby to full term.

During the next few months, Josh struggles with his faith, and Beth hides a secret that may destroy their marriage. But she also discovers a decades-old connection to Dr. Abrams, and a young boy named Isaac Ruben, that could change their lives forever.

Wow, Kathy, I’m intrigued. What inspired you to write the book?

As a young child, I witnessed the aftermath of a small plane crash only miles from where I lived. Among the victims were three children—ages four, three, and less than two years—not much younger than I was at the time.

Most traumatic for me was being on site when my dad, who worked in law enforcement, discovered the body of the final victim. Daddy’s face was pale when he told my mom and me that he had found a baby.

The memory of that morning haunted me for years. For some reason, I felt a special connection to that child. I wished so badly for him to have lived. And I wondered what he might have accomplished in life if he had. It was decades later when that ‘what if’ became the premise for my first published novel The Road to Mercy.

The book opens with the scene that had replayed over and over in my mind. At the time my manuscript was drafted, I knew very few real facts. Ironically, the year the book was contracted, a longtime friend found a newspaper clip about the crash. I was dumbfounded to learn that almost everything I had remembered had been accurate. In fact, a few of the details I had intentionally fictionalized appeared to be actual possibilities in the real-life characters I portrayed.

Of course, the “life story” of Isaac Ruben was purely imagination, because in my book he became the only survivor of the devastating crash. In The Road to Mercy, Isaac’s story drives an entangled plot that spans fifty years. And his character touches many lives.

I’ve always hoped that the real “Isaac Ruben,” if he could somehow look down from heaven, would be proud of the book his short time on earth inspired.

How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog—it’s here a little while, then it’s gone. James 4:15 NLT

Kathy Harris ( is an author by way of the Nashville entertainment business, where she has worked as a marketing manager for more than thirty years. Kathy writes women’s fiction and romantic suspense and is represented by Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency. Connect with Kathy on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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Thanks for visiting with us, Kathy. It sure sounds like a great read!


  1. Wow, this sounds amazing!! What person has most impacted my life – probably my parents.

  2. This book really sounds intriguing. Probably the person who has most impacted my life was my mom.

  3. It hard to make a choice as my mom impacted my life in certain areas and my precious husband has made a profound impact on my life in different areas. They both are very important to me. Sounds like a definite must-read and I thank you for the opportunity to win!

  4. I got hired in a nursing home kitchen when I was 16 years old and spent the next seven years working there. The lady that hired me (she was the Head Cook) mentored me and challenged me even though I didn’t realize it at the time. A lot of my baking/cooking skills I know to this day are thanks to her. Beyond just teaching me how to bake bread, make a turkey dinner and make a roast, she taught me many other life lessons and encouraged me as a person.

  5. My husband is the person who has most impacted my life. <3

  6. The Lord has placed incredible people in my life that have impacted me! I’m grateful for each of them.

  7. My grandmother made a big impact on my life, and continues to be blessing to me.

  8. My parents are the people who have most impacted my life. They both endured extreme circumstances as children, but God protected them, reached out to them, and made them the people they are today. My dad is a picture of perseverance and my mom is a picture of servanthood in my life. Both parents display a healthy dose of good old hard work!

  9. Cant wait to read this. My mother is my inspiration

  10. This book sounds intriguing! I can’t wait to read it.
    I would have to say my day impacted my life the most: fun, loving, excellent work ethic, and making every person he meets smile at least once every day.

  11. Thanks for hosting me, Liz! And thanks to everyone who replied. I’ve enjoyed reading about your inspirations!