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The Melody of the Soul Cover Reveal

It’s here!!! It’s finally here!!!! Are you ready for it? Gilead Publishing did an amazing job on this cover, even incorporating certain elements I really wanted. If you weren’t able to join me on Facebook Live for the reveal, don’t worry. You can still enter to win a copy of the book. Just scroll down below the cover. And, if you aren’t already a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll find the directions to become part of it to the right of this post. All of my newsletter subscribers will get a sneak peek at the prologue! So, are you ready to see it? Keep scrolling.











Isn’t it beautiful??? The picture of the Charles Bridge in Prague is one I picked out. Just fell in love with it. One scene in the book takes place on this bridge. And the violin is a huge part of the story.The book is also available for preorder.

To enter to win a copy of the book, follow the directions here. It’s simple, I promise 🙂

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Can’t wait for all of you to read it! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful cover art. They did a lovely job. I’m looking forward to reading Melody of the Soul. (Love the title.)

  2. What a fun and informative cover reveal. It looks amazing! Congratulations, Liz!! All that patience and hard work paid off!! God bless you, girl!

  3. The cover is amazing! I love it!

  4. Very compelling cover, with a picture of the bridge that “leads” you into the story – and the feel with the blue, which can also be indicative of a storm. I have greatly enjoyed your other three WWII books, one of which I own and the other two I have read through my library, after I encouraged them to purchase your books, none of which they previously held. Thanks! By the way, I am a newsletter subscriber under a secondary email address and also follow on Facebook.

  5. Beautiful cover, intriguing with the bridge and lamplight too. Can hardly wait to read it. Your books are always good.

  6. I love the cover. It draws you into the book.

  7. It is sooo pretty! I have been waiting excitedly for another WWII book from you. I am a pianist and a violinist, so I cannot wait to read this! ❤️

  8. Beautiful! I can’t wait to read this story 🙂

  9. Congratulations, Liz! The cover is absolutely stunning!! The Charles Bridge looks so beautiful, and the violinist pictured in the sky above gives such a haunting & alluring touch of intrigue and mystery.

    Your FB cover reveal party was wonderful. I really enjoyed hearing the history and story behind the Melody of the Soul. January 16, 2018 can’t come soon enough! I can’t wait to read it!!!

  10. I watched your FB live post. It’s always fun to get the backstory on a book. The cover looks great!

  11. I love This cover!!!! So beautiful! I really can’t wait to read it.

  12. Liz, your cover is beautiful. Congrats. How exciting!

  13. Beautiful cover.

  14. Love the cover. Thanks for the chance.

  15. Such a pretty cover – glad you were able to give some creative input.

  16. Lovely cover! So moving.

  17. Love the cover and can hardly wait to read it.

  18. Lovely! Fun that they used a photo/background that you picked.

  19. Great cover! So looking forward to reading the book!

  20. I love the cover! The blue is beautiful as is the photo of the bridge. The woman with the violin looks rather mysterious. The font is just right. It’s another book to go on my “want to read” list.

  21. The cover is stunning and invites you into the story. Can’t wait to add to my TBR pile. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  22. Beautiful. Looks awesome, and really interesting

  23. I love the cover and can’t wait to read the book!!

  24. Very pretty. Glad your book is out. Thanks for a chance to win. Maxie

  25. That is one beautiful cover! Wow! I’ve read all of Liz’s books thus far and this one has been added to me to read list.

  26. The cover is gorgeous. Glad you’ve got a release date.

  27. I can’t wait to read this. I’ve enjoyed all of Liz’s books so far.

  28. This cover is great. it shows that there is passion in her music. And it looks like a lot of her music is at night time. Its also peaceful.

  29. This GORGEOUS cover is calling me! Congrats, Liz!

  30. The cover is a piece of art. Love that bridge and the soft lighting.

  31. I really like the cover. The use of light, the way the bridge leads you forward, the shade of blue–all are very inviting. The woman’s image at the top is soft, not too dominating. Everything works together beautifully.

  32. I consider myself somewhat of a cover snob (lol) and this is one beautiful cover!! I love the silhouette of the violin player, it adds a great layer and draws the eye 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  33. Lovely cover. It says quite a lot. Missed the reveal party, so don’t know the time frame. Your “flower” books are on my faves list. I look forward to reading this one as well.

  34. Hi Liz, that’s a beautiful cover! I love the shades of blue and bridge. I’m looking forward to reading Melody of the soul!

  35. The things I like best about the cover are the colors (all that blue!) and the beautiful backdrop. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book.

  36. I can’t wait, “Liz”! The cover is gorgeous. Good job, my friend!! Carry