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The Story behind Do You Know What I Know? by Becky Melby

For this year’s final post, I’m pleased to welcome my friend and fellow ACFW WISE board member (for 4 more days) Becky Melby. She’s sharing what inspired her to write her latest release, Do You Know What I Know?

Here’s a little bit about the book:

When a phone call from the obstetrician’s office goes to the wrong person . . .
Elizabeth Schmidt can’t figure out why her husband doesn’t seem excited about the news she’s sure he heard. Is he unhappy? Or is James cheating on her?

Pastor Jay Davidson is in shock. Bethany Schmidt, the woman he’s in love with, is pregnant. Should he walk away, or is God asking him to play the part of Joseph in real life and not just in the church Christmas program?

Bethany can’t figure out why Jay is acting so weird. Has he figured out one of the two secrets she’s keeping until after Christmas?

Can a ponytailed itinerant carpenter with a pet chicken help unravel the confusion?

What an interesting premise. What led you to write the book, Becky?

Back in the day when a woman went to her doctor to find out if she was pregnant, my husband Bill and I received some wonderful news. It was all good until the clinic sent the bill—to Bill’s aunt and uncle who had a daughter who shared my name. And this Becky Melby was only fifteen years old!

Thankfully, the mix-up only resulted in a lot of laughter and a story that keeps being repeated in our family. Fast forward to this past year when I was pondering ideas for a Christmas novella. My husband recalled this comical event and said, “Anything you can do with that?”

Definitely! We started playing with “What ifs.” What if the results of a pregnancy test went to the wrong person? What if the woman who was pregnant asked someone else to give her husband the news? When he doesn’t mention it, she might assume he wasn’t happy about it—or, with her hormones in flux, she might think something far worse.

What if the man who receives the news thinks the girl he’s only dated twice is pregnant? Should he give up the idea of a future with her? Or is God asking him to stand by her? What if God is asking him to play the part of Joseph in real life and not just in the church Christmas program?

The final result of all these “What ifs” is a novella called Do You Know What I Know? I loved the idea of taking a line from a familiar Christmas carol and giving it a double meaning. It’s a light read, but deals with some serious issues like adoption and infertility. My prayer is that it will remind readers to focus on the real meaning of Christmas . . . even after Christmas!

Burlington, Wisconsin author Becky Melby writes Contemporary Christian Fiction and Romance. Do You Know What I Know? is her sixteenth book. Married for 44 years, mother of four, grandmother to fifteen, Becky thrives on writing, reading, camping, rides on the back of a silver Gold Wing, and time with family.

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Becky is giving away a copy of the book – autographed copy to U.S. readers, Kindle version to international readers. Scroll down and follow the simple instructions to enter.

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Thanks for joining us, Becky!


  1. Best gift was a sewing machine – long term practical gift.

  2. Loved the post and this book sounds like a really good one.

  3. What a fun idea for a Christmas Story! My best Christmas present was my husband– married 2 days before– 28 years ago.

  4. My best Christmas present ever was my husband 28 years ago. We were married 2 days before Christmas. ?

    • No way! So were we!!! That must have been a great day to be married. I know two other couples who tied the knot that same day. Happy anniversary to you.

  5. These Christmas weddings sound like fodder for some future Christmas novels, Liz! Thanks for the opportunity to share the story behind the story.

  6. Very good idea for a story. My best gift was from my husband, my engagement ring!

  7. I guess it is sad but I can’t think of one.

  8. I live in northern MN, so I think my favorite Christmas present so far has been a set of snow tires for my car!

  9. The birth of my son was my favorite Christmas gift!! That was 36 years ago & he now has 3 sons & a daughter of his own! Happy New Year!

  10. My best Christmas present is just having my kids come home to celebrate with me.

  11. Fun to see the range of gifts from practical snow tires to romantic proposals! Eight years ago we had a granddaughter born on Christmas Eve. Have to count that as one of my best-ever presents!

  12. Every year, my dad would give me a box of marzipan from See’s Candies. It was a sweet tradition between us. He died just before Christmas, and I felt his loss so deeply, for all the reasons you would imagine, with the holiday adding to the sorrow as we tried to carry on without him. On Christmas morning, under the tree, there was the usual box of chocolates. My sweetheart had remembered and taken up the tradition. He is still amazed when I tell him that is the most thoughtful gift he has ever given me, in over 30 years, and I think it will always be my favorite gift. For him to know how much that ritual meant to me and, in the middle of a very tumultuous holiday time, make the time to fill that void, spoke worlds about his kindness and consideration.

  13. My husband proposed during a family Christmas gathering at my home. It was the only time he ever got to see my father, so that makes it very special.

  14. Best Christmas present ever?
    It’s really hard to choose just one.

    Years ago, I was a newly divorced mother of 2 young children, struggling with the knowledge that for that Christmas morn my children would not be with me.

    A friend suggested that any morning can be Christmas morning. He was right.

    When my children returned home Christmas evening, we were all excited as we climbed into our beds and tried to sleep for our Christmas morning, on December 26.

    I learned I could experience the joy of Christmas morn, anytime and any day. It was simply a matter of the heart.

  15. Best gift I got was a car a long time ago 🙂