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Reader Survey – Favorite Genres

In addition to our stories behind the stories, I’m starting a reader survey series. I’d like to hear from you, what you like and what you want to read. Look for the surveys going up on my Facebook page .

old_and_new_booksSo, let’s start at the very beginning. This week’s survey was on what your favorite genre is. The results are very interesting. In first place was WWII fiction. Now, this is a very unscientific survey, and probably skewed to my readers 🙂 Suspense/mystery came in second. That makes some sense. WWII is full of suspense and even some mystery. All the rest (historical and contemporary romance, fantasy, and biblical fiction) tied for the bottom.

In the survey, I also asked for any comments. Here are some of the most interesting. Don’t worry if you answer these questions. I can’t see who answered them, so I don’t know who said what.

  1. Contemporary romance, because it’s romance without smut. (Amen to that!)
  2. Biblical fiction, because it’s thought provoking.
  3. Suspense/mystery because I like being surprised and trying to figure out what’s coming next.
  4. WWII because it’s my favorite time period.
  5. WWII. The main reason is because my dad was a WWII vet.
  6. Suspense/mystery because the books are exciting and real page turners.

One respondent pointed out that I didn’t have Amish fiction as an option. Palm to forehead! Well, that might be good for another poll. Stay tuned 🙂

Thank you all for your responses. It was fun to see what you all think and what you like. Authors love to hear from their readers. It helps us to know what to write! Look on my Facebook page for the next poll!

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